Anti-counterfeiting Statement

Anti-counterfeiting Statement

The company recently found that the investigation, there are illegal individuals and units of counterfeiting, selling counterfeit products even the United States. Lawless element USES inferior material and craft, cut corners even, make it and the United States connect the appearance of the product similar, pretend to be the product that the United States connects the production to sell outside the country falsely, do not have any mark on these products. Such bad behavior seriously affects the interests of customers and the reputation of the company.

Therefore, meilian medical treatment requests all end-users, distributors and agents to purchase meilian products through regular channels. The company produces products with production date, production number and other product-related information, and the product change is subject to the release of the official website www.med-linket.com.

In order to protect the immediate interests of customers and protect the legitimate rights and interests of miilian, Our company hereby solemnly declares:

1. Customers are requested to purchase miilian products through formal channels to avoid unnecessary damage and loss caused by fake and inferior products to users.

2. If it is found that the products are sold without authorization of miilian and fake and inferior products are produced under the name of miilian med-linket, our company shall immediately appeal to the industrial and commercial bureau and entrust the legal department of the company to deal with them.

Miilian will not provide any product quality assurance and after-sales service support for products not manufactured by miilian. Midea will not bear any legal liability for any loss caused to users by buying fake or inferior products.

4. If distributors, distributors, agents or end users have doubts about the authenticity of purchased miilian products, they can directly contact the company. We will provide customers with professional identification and testing, and issue the corresponding identification report.

Meilian welcomes customers to supervise and report counterfeit and shoddy products and counterfeit behaviors.

National complaints and reporting phone: 400-058-0755

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