May 2017——Med-linket Reusable Temperature Probes Certified by Canadian Medical Devices Conformity(CMDCAS).

Mar.2017——Our Pulse Oximeter Probes,Temperature Probes,Non-sterilized Disosable Neutral Electrode,emp-Pulse Oximeter, Digital Blood Pressure Monitor,Digital Infrared Thermometer has been approved by CE .

Sep.2016---Our products obtained license of Japan FMA medical equipment production and entered Japanese market & more than 100 countries and regions all over the world.

Sep.2015---Med-linket listed on new three board

May.2015---Med-link successfully passed FDA inspection

Jan.2015---Med-linket  obtained the Anvisa Certification from Braliz Health Administration.; 

Jan.2015---Reusable and disposable ECG electrode added into the FDA device listing; disposable ECG electrode obtained the CFDA registration certificate.

Dec.2014---Fall warner with pedometer function obtained CE and FCC certification. 

Nov.2014---Fall warner with pedometer function obtained the approval certificate of radio transmitting equipment type .

Oct.2014--- Disposable Adult Bispectral Index Sensor, reusable ECG electrode obtained the CFDA registration certificate. 

Jul.2014---set up health equipment units, e-commerce platform officially launched operations;disposable neutral electrode obtained the CFDA registration certificate.

Nov. 2013---Temp-Pulse Oximeter obtained CFDA registration certificate;

Oct. 2013---Disposable Pulse Oximeter obtained CFDA registration certificate and increased models.

Apr. 2013---Disposable Infusion Pressure Bag added into the FDA device listing;

Mar. 2013---Disposable Pulse Oximeter Probe obtained FDA 510(k) clearance letter;

Mar. 2012---Temp-Pulse Oximeter obtained CE certificate;

Mar. 2012 ---Disposable Neutral Electrode obtained CE certificate;

Jan. 2012---ECG, EKG cable and leadwires, IBP cables, SpO2 adapter cables obtained FDA 510(k) clearance letter;

Apr. 2011---ECG cables, EEG electrodes and EMG cables obtained Canadian registration certificate;

Oct. 2011---Med-Linket has been rated the national high-tech enterprise;

Jan. 2011---the Infusion Pressure Bag has passed CE Approval;

Dec. 2010---Pulse Oximetry SpO2 Extension Cable has passed SFDA Registration;

Jun. 2009---Reusable Pulse Oximeter Probe obtained FDA 510(k) clearance letter;

Oct. 2009---Disposable Electrosurgical Pencil obtained CE certificate;

Sep. 2008---a series of Disposable SpO2 Sensor have passed SFDA Registration;

Aug. 2008---ECG Cables and Leadwires have passed SFDA Registration (re-registration is also successful);

Aug. 2008---the Temperature Probe has passed SFDA Registration;

Jul. 2008---Reusable SpO2 Sensor has passed SFDA registration (re-registration is also successful);

July 2008---Med-Linket has been rated the Private Development Plan Engineering Firm of Bao’an District, Shenzhen;

Nov. 2008---The Blood Pressure Cuff has passed SFDA registration;

Oct. 2008---the Temperature Probe and the SpO2 Sensor have passed CE Approval;

Dec. 2007---Med-Linket has been rated the High-Tech Enterprises in Shenzhen City;

Apr. 2007---Shenzhen Med-linket Electronics Tech Co., Ltd moved into Building 2, Huafu Ind Park, Longhua. The scale is triple larger compared to previous factory. Office and factory environment have been greatly improved. It is the first and earliest company in medical industry that has 100,000 clean workshop assembly line, and the first has their own Mold Workshop and Wiring Workshop.

Sept 2006---Compatible SpO2 sensor has passed CE0197 Approval.

Aug. 2006---Compatible SpO2 sensor has passed SFDA Registration;

Feb.2005---Med-Linket has passed ISO13485:2003 of TUV Approval;

Jan. 2005---ECG Cable and Leadwires have passed SFDA Registration;

Feb. 2004---Med-Linket was founded in 2004 in Shenzhen, China, with speciality to provide high-quality, competitively priced medical cable and probes. Product Catalog: SpO2 Sensor, ECG/EKG lead wire, Medical temperature probe, NIBP, IBP, EEG/EMG, ESU pencil and Patient Return Plate cable, Clinical trial, Socket, Tooling,  Raw Cable, Power Cables, Clinicaltrial, Oximeter OEM/ODM, Pressure bag.